Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Changes to the Beach, New Sea Glass Creations

Each of the last couple of trips to the beach have revealed completely different beach-scapes. Some of the local towns on LBI have been adding/moving quite a bit of sand. The sand buildup is very necessary to keep the surf off of the dunes, which protect ocean front homes.

However, for the beachcombers that frequent the area, it becomes quite frustrating. The shell beds that are often left behind by the high tides, are often buried under imported sand... and buried with the shells are the sea glass that washed up with them.

Since late last summer, I've noticed, as have others, that the shell beds that were normally be found on the beach in the winter months are no longer found on the beach. The lack of shell beds on the beach has made sea glass quite scarce. Unless you can get to the beach at low tide, and are lucky enough to find the low tide is extreme enough to expose shell or stone beds, you may find a few pieces of sea glass.

My best outing of the winter was the perigean spring tides back in November, when an extreme low tide exposed a twenty- thirty foot shell bed where several pieces of sea glass lay waiting for me.

As the waves slowly rolled in, the beds shifted and further exposed a few more ocean gems. After about 30 minutes, the shell bed was cleaned out and a quick walk for a few blocks in each direction proved a waste of time (well almost a waste, a pretty cobalt blue tiny shard was found a couple blocks down)

The extreme low tide proved worthwhile for 2 straight days. Low tide the next afternoon yielded another handful of sea glass, but the tide came near sunset and battling a cold day and stronger wind wasn't much fun (at least at that time... I've been on the beach many times since in brutal weather conditions and came home practically empty-handed)

Since that bountiful 2 day haul, this winter hasn't yielded that many pieces combined. I know there gems are out there... whether they are buried by the beach construction or sitting farther out in the surf. There may not be as many left out there, but they're out there... : )

Two new sea glass necklaces should be making an appearance in my shops later tonight or tomorrow. The first is a greenish-blue piece that has me searching my "Pure Sea Glass" book
for the name of the color. It's not quite teal, but calling it a green doesn't do this ocean gem justice.

The second piece is a light green piece with a yellow-ish tinge. It looks like it could be depression glass and does take on a brilliant bright green when held under a black light. This UV piece of sea glass has been wire wrapped and made into a necklace... it's a great piece for someone that does a lot of clubbing where the lighting will certainly change the look of the sea glass.

The sun is out today, but it's only 29 degrees... too cold to hit the beach for pictures and beachcombing...but I plan on getting some indoor pictures later today when the sun moves into a better position. Hopefully I'll have images to add later!

til next time...

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