Sunday, March 8, 2009

New opportunities, new additions to my sea glass collection and new creations....

Yesterday, I took a big step into placing a large quantity of my sea glass jewelry into a brick & mortar selling opportunity. The possible opp is all but finalized and I'm very excited about being able to put several pieces into one location that often has several hundred visitors or more every week in the summer.

This will probably limit any other consignment/wholesale opportunities, but the potential is so great that I'll be" putting all my eggs" in one basket when it comes to brick & mortar stores. (of course, should any store want to take on my glass beads/semi-precious pearl jewelry, that is a different story)

Today, my hubby and I went through a large quantity of sea glass that we've acquired over the last 5 or 6 months. We culled many of the pieces that I can't use for my jewelry creations and I came away with enough for a couple dozen necklaces, a several pairs of earrings and a handful of bracelets. I still have a few lots of sea glass that I have purchased from private collectors that I haven't received...there are several pieces that will make great necklaces and add to my earring & bracelet totals.

So back to my crafting table... my Etsy shop needs a new addition or 2 and it would be great to add something new to my 1000 Markets and Art Fire sites and then off to work on my brick and mortar creations... hopefully, everything is finalized later this week and I can announce where my newest selling location is!

The piece of sea glass above, is a grape piece of sea glass that I've been holding for quite awhile. Perfectly smooth from tumbling around in the sea, it has nice frosting and is practically flawless. The color just blows me away and I've been debating if it's a piece I keep for myself or one that I share with a lucky customer on day soon. It will make a very pretty necklace...but the inner-debate rages on!
The 1st image is one of my latest creations... a pale seafoam sea glass necklace. Should the sun cooperate today, I should have a few more images of the necklaces I created on Sunday.

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  1. congrats on getting yourself into an actual storefront! I think giving people the chance to see the actual thing really makes a difference in terms of selling. Plus, your stuff is great!