Monday, December 22, 2008

Sea Glass, New Blog, New Items

When I first began blogging, my CreationsByRobin name was already taken on blogspot and since I wasn't an experienced blogger (and had no idea what I would really blog about) I ended up with dabblewithcrafts as the name for my blog.

I always wanted my Etsy shop name to be be in the address for my blog and since sea glass creations have become my niche in the jewelry category, I thought it would be a great idea to have a 2nd blog, one that I update once or twice a week... with much shorter entries than my usual blabber.

Just sea glass and me. New creations, creations in the works, tidbits on beachcombing, images of new finds, etc, etc.

So for a first post.... the hubby was drilling a couple of small pieces of beach glass for a new bracelet creation. Usually, he knocks out the pieces I lay out for him and he packs up the tools & drill and puts everything away.

Since I was sitting at my crafting table, trying to make a few pieces of jewelry, he decided to grab a few more pieces of sea glass and drill out a few for future projects. After a few pieces, I heard him mutter sh*t and asked him what happened (I thought he got a little electric shock) He came in with one of my small pieces of red sea was now in three pieces.

He checks the reds and all the rare colors very well, looking for imperfections in the glass, which he would obviously try to avoid with the drill. He said the piece looked perfect and hadn't applied any extra just exploded.

Luckily he didn't get hurt, when the glass exploded, only the smooth edges grazed him and not the jagged interior edges. Who knows what kind of issues he would've had if he had been cut... anywho... were now short one piece of red for a future Valentine's Day item.

So that's it for the initial post. Ill be taking photos if it's sunny tomorrow and may have the new bracelet images to update this blog with.

'til then...


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