Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Articles on Crafting

Every once in awhile , I sit down and feel like writing an article. quite often, I pair my love for crafting with my love of writing. Here are a few of the crafting articles I've submitted to be published on the Internet...perhaps a few would make good reading over the holidays.

My very first crafting article was about Etsy.com...

Of course, my love for Sea Glass would lead to an article (or 2)

One of my favorite articles... A craft I knew very little about, but was surprised by how baby bags have been improved upon by the handmade community...

This article was created in hopes that the info would help a new crafter to have a successful, stress-free craft show-

This article is just a look at some of the behind the scenes of locating sea glass...

Just a few fun and hopefully informative articles. Maybe your craft will be the next I'll write about (and maybe it will feature your work...you never know )

Happy Holidays and a Healthy & Happy New Year to all!

til next time...

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