Saturday, January 10, 2009

Electric Blue, Opinions, New Items & Works In Progress

In my other blog ( I mentioned that my Electric Blue Sea Glass Necklace has received several opinions as to the origin of the shard of glass used in the necklace.

I have already blogged about Richard LaMotte's (author of "Pure Sea Glass") thoughts about the piece coming from a possible 19the century antique art glass piece. In his book, there is an example of the art glass decoration that he is referring to and it certainly does look like the markings on the picture of the decoration and sea glass to be very similar.

I also received a few opinions on a sea glass site I belong to on the internet and one opinion comes from someone that I would consider an expert in the area that this piece came from. This long-time collector said she has seen a few pieces in this color and said it comes from decorative windows found in Victorian houses.

Understanding that neither of the two experts in the sea glass field have actually held the piece in their hands and are only stating their opinions by viewing 5 images I used to list my necklace on Etsy, makes this even more interesting. A large part of me wants to cancel the listing and hold onto the piece until next October's Sea Glass Festival, in hopes that I can bring it to both for further observation (and bring it to a few of the other far knowledgeable collectors for more opinions) The Electric Blue Sea Glass Necklace can be viewed in my Etsy mini in the right hand column of this see the rest of the images (and maybe add your thoughts of origin to the mix) click on the piece to see the 4 other images.

On the other hand, maybe not really knowing what this beautiful blue piece of sea glass was in it's former life, gives the necklace an air of mystery... and perhaps the future owner of this creation would enjoy the search of unlocking the answer to the mystery.

Pieces like this come few and far between and these are the pieces that make going out on the beach in sub-freezing temperatures worth the effort. I never know what I'll find on the beach and the allure of finding another beautiful piece, one filled with questions that may never be answered... but have much speculation, makes each hunt so exhilarating.

Sea glass hunters know there is an incredible gem sitting just off the surf, tumbling around, waiting for the tide to drop it on the beach. It may not be that day and may not be that stretch of beach, but one day it will present itself when the time is right and hopefully, I'll be there first to claim it.

I'm still waiting on my shipment of sterling silver and I'm planning to do a little drilling to make some bracelets and possibly some earrings (all sea glass of course). I have a few teal pieces that don't match up well enough to make earrings with, but I'm holding hope to find enough to make a bracelet and the same goes with the smaller red pieces I have. There is a bunch of cobalt blues and cornflower blues that will be used in some creations, along with some very frosty clear/white pieces and a handful of greens.

And as always, I'll try to post images before the items are listed in my shops! Pictured above is a very pretty lavender sea glass necklace...

'til next time...

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