Thursday, January 8, 2009

Handmade Sea Glass Jewelry, Online Shops

It seems that having a couple of blogs and several shops has made it tough to find some of the sea glass creations I've made recently. I've received a couple of private emails as to where a specific piece can be found and i understand that part of this is my fault.

I know that I had planned on listing certain items in specific shops and then changed my mind, placing them elsewhere. So without further ado... here is what I have currently listed and where it can be found... Most of my sea glass jewelry is listed at this site... the most recent listings are-

Deep Citron Necklace (pictured above)

Ocean Pastels Bracelet (4 soft greens and blues are the focal "beads" on this bracelet)

Tropical Teal Necklace (the images do this necklace no justice at all...a beautiful necklace)

Lavender Mist Necklace (another beautiful necklace)

Lavender Bracelet (5 pieces of soft lavender... another where the lighting just didn't help to show off this piece)

My Electric Blue, Soft Aqua and Soft Green necklaces are also on Etsy, along with several more sea glass pieces.

On 1000Markets-

Seafoam Necklace - is the only newer piece added to the shop.

I also have a Green and Brown earring stack pair, a Deep Brown Bracelet and A Blizzard Necklace (wire wrapped frosty clear/white ocean gem w/ a sterling silver chain)

and on ArtFire (which is where the confusion started)

Sunny Seashore Necklace(wire wrapped greenish-yellow piece of sea glass)

Treasures from the Sea Bracelet (5 deep green pieces of sea glass with polished shell chips)

CreationsByRobin is the name of my shops at all three locations and if you are looking for a specific piece that you can't find, you can reach me either through either of my blogs or at any of the sites.

I still have about a half dozen necklaces waiting to be listed. I'm either waiting for my next shipment of sterling silver chains or for the sun to finally make a long enough appearance so I can take pictures (maybe today???)

To all that weren't sure where a certain piece was hiding (especially some of my customers that are like me...not very internet savvy), I hope this clears everything up. Feel free to ask, if you are still uncertain about specific pieces or have a custom piece you are interested in.

Thanks for all your support in 2008!

'til next time..


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