Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sea Glass, New Items, Works in Progress...

Brutal winds, cold winter weather and sick children have kept me off the beach this past week. No new pieces of sea glass to report and not much of a chance of getting to the beach tomorrow either.

But being home with the boys has given me the opportunity to take some pictures of finished pieces and list a few in my shops (along with some plain old : ) glass jewelry piece for Valentine's Day). A few of the pieces have already made it into a few treasuries on Etsy and they've been hearted by a few Etsy members.

The new item above is a unique shade of green, almost a greenish-yellow and very petite and feminine. This necklace will probably head into my Etsy shop, along with a new sea glass bracelet with 4 soft colored pieces.

The Gray sea glass necklace will head into my shop on and I hope to add a bracelet and a few regular glass jewelry pieces into that shop this week. As for the Citron piece...I'm not sure where that piece is going just yet, perhaps ArtFire etsy shop is quite full of sea glass creations.

I have a few drilled pieces that I'm thinking about using for another bracelet and a few heart-shaped pieces that I'd like to make something with for Valentine's Day, along with a small supply of red sea glass that may end up on a piece or two.

Hopefully I'll have a few more pictures to share with the next blog...

til next time...


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