Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Deep Aqua Sea Glass, Comments from Author Richard LaMotte

So tonight I'm sitting on Etsy, commenting on a few interesting treasuries and thanking the Etsy members that put two of my items into their new treasuries and I received an interesting convo. The convo referred to a comment I included in my item description for the item pictured above. The comment was...

"In the book "Pure Sea Glass", Richard LaMotte suggests that deep aqua pieces are found once in every 1,000 pieces...that ratio puts a deep aqua piece in the extremely rare category.

I've never come across a piece of aqua like this before... even at sea glass festivals! The marking suggest quite a bit of exposure or perhaps it is a shard from an antique glass art piece. This piece is quite rare, with lots of personality and a true one of a kind piece of handmade jewelry!"

Well, tonight I come to find out that the author of Pure Sea Glass, Richard LaMotte, just happens to be a registered member of Etsy! Mr LaMotte took a look at all the images I used in my listing and this is what he had to say...

"Robin,Thanks for the mention about my book in your description for that stunning blue pendant you recently posted. I took a closer look at your photos and think you really do have an extremely rare shard. While studying glass at the Sandwich Glass Museum years ago I saw a bold blue they called "Electric Blue." It looks a lot like it. If you look on page 175 of my book you will see a slightly lighter version shot in bright sunlight and it has a similar pattern. Yes, what you have is a piece of tableware and a real beauty. For $50 its a steal!

Best of luck - Richard LaMotte"

Now how cool is that! Richard LaMotte and his wife, Nancy (who happens to be an incredible jewelry artist herself) are both experts when it comes to sea glass and to have him comment and practically authenticate my pendant via Etsy convo system is just so awesome (now I really hope this piece doesn't sell...lol)

So now, I need to go back and edit my listing...removing my Deep Aqua color description and inserting "Electric Blue" in it's place.

I did take a look at page 175 in his book and sure enough, the markings on the piece seem to look exactly like those in the antique glass patterned or pressed glass piece shown on the page. Richard LaMotte mentioned in this chapter of his book, that these pieces were created in the 19th century, which makes the shard of sea glass on this pendant well over 100 years old!(and quite possibly near 150 yrs old)

So, not a bad little night... a couple of hearts, a couple of items (including my Electric Blue Sea Glass Pendant) placed in brand new treasuries and then an exciting convo from the author of what I like to call "the bible of sea glass"...not a bad little night at all!

'til next time...



  1. WOW!
    very cool!! you must be thrilled!
    happy new year~
    mary jane

  2. Great little story!! Wonderful connection!
    Congratulations on your rare piece.

  3. This is the one I love. I love this color, and you did a great job.