Saturday, February 7, 2009

Goodbye Electric Blue... Going Sea Glass Hunting Tomorrow!

It started out as a mystery. I wasn't even sure if it was a very dark aqua or a it had a great star-burst marking that I couldn't place.

Then a lucky break... I happened to mention Richard LaMotte's book, "Pure Sea Glass" in my Etsy listing and I found out he was an Etsy member and he reviewed the shard of glass using the images in the listing (which was quite a thrill!!!)

Then, through a new sea glass collector's group I joined online, I received a couple more thoughts on what the shard may have been originally and one of the thoughts also proved to be very intriguing.

But now, I've passed the mystery onto another sea glass collector. My Electric Blue Sea Glass Necklace has left for it's new home in New York and I hope that if the mystery of the piece is ever solved, the story is shared with me. Goodbye Electric Blue!

On a brighter note, the weather has turned more like early spring rather than deep winter (at least for this weekend) on the Jersey shore. Baseball tryouts and puppy-sitting kept us off the beach today, but my hubby said he's getting up early and hitting the beach tomorrow.... it would be great to add a couple of jewelry quality pieces to the collection, but I'd be thrilled to see a yellow of orange piece of sea glass... my sun-catcher needs a couple new colors added.

Hopefully he'll take the camera with him and take a few photos of the beach while he's out there... I'll add a few images sometime during the day tomorrow...hopefully a couple will be of new additions to my sea glass collection!!

til next time...

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