Sunday, February 1, 2009

Goodbye to the Ocean Waves Bracelet, No beachcombing this weekend...again and a cool group for those that love Sea Glass...

The Ocean Waves bracelet that is shown a couple of blog entries earlier has sold and it's staying in the Garden State. I really loved this piece of sea glass jewelry and didn't get to take images during the best light of the day. The weather wasn't cooperating the day I took the photos and I was forced to shoot in morning light, rather than the prime afternoon sun (the afternoon was forecast to be cloudy and the weatherperson was right)
The images of the bracelet really didn't do the piece any justice at all, but I think the buyer is going to very surprised when she sees the bracelet in person. I'm not really a bracelet person, otherwise I would have loved this sea glass creation for myself!

Weather in the mid 20s with gusting winds kept my hubby of the beach yesterday and the weather isn't much better this morning. It will go into the 40s later today, but on Super Bowl Sunday, there's little chance of finding him on the beach today : )

For anyone interested in sea glass...those that collect it, or use it to decorate, make jewelry or mosaics, check out the banner at the top right hand corner of this blog. The group has many members of the North American Sea Glass Association and the wealth of experience in this group is unbelievable! It's a free group and the members freely offer their knowledge and experiences working with and collecting sea glass... if you love sea glass, check this site out ( Is pend hours on the site each week, just reading all the stories in the forums)

til next time....

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  1. Congrats on selling your bracelet. I love the necklace above...gorgeous color.