Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Random Thoughts... Is My Sea Glass Vintage?

While on Etsy, I notice quite a bit of vintage threads in the promotions forum. I've often wondered if I should add one of my necklaces to the thread. Certainly some of the sea glass I've used in necklaces or bracelets is more than a few decades old... and that would make it vintage.

I know a few of the pieces of sea glass that I purchased from collectors in the UK is quite old. The area where the glass is often found is located close to where a glass company once operated. I've been told the glass company ceased operations more than 50 years ago, so conceivably, most of the end of day glass I purchased, spent decades in the ocean being re-worked in the gorgeous gems they are today.

Vintage, recycled, upcycled... I wonder if it would be worth the effort explaining the entire process to Etsy, other sellers/buyers, just to have the opportunity to tag my listings as vintage.

But on the other hand, the effort it would spread the word on what sea glass is, where it may have come from, and how it turned from a piece of unwanted, discarded trash to a beautiful, much sought-after ocean gem.

Decisions, decisions... perhaps a sea glass hunting trip will clear my head : )

'til next time...


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