Friday, July 10, 2009

Using Multi-Colored Sea Glass In My Jewelry Creations

Recently I've had a little love affair with multi-colored sea glass. I find the colors so fascinating and the possibilities of what I can create using a multi intrigues me. But after watching the reactions of some of my customers at shows and the results of my sales online and in consignment shops, I'm not sure how accepted these creations are.

The UK is quite famous for it's multi-colored sea glass or "end of day" glass. When glass making was popular, several decades ago, many glass companies in the UK were located very close to the sea. The companies often tossed whatever glass was unusable or left over at the end of the day into the sea. And the ocean would do what the ocean does... break large shards into smaller pieces, tumble the sharp edges smooth and leech out the chemicals used to make glass.

What is left are gorgeous sea glass gems and they are truly quite different from much of the sea glass we find here in North America (not that we don't have multi-colored sea glass here... we just don't have nearly as much as the UK)

I'm not sure if some of my regular customers realize that the pieces really are authentic sea glass or if they just don't appeal to them, but watching some of their reactions becomes amusing sometimes because the glass often looks so fantastic in the light, but will appear a bit darker in front of a solid, dark background.

Maybe multi-colored sea glass is going to take a bit of time for some folks to get used to. To me, some of them are quite gorgeous... and I know I'll be adding a few multies to my personal sea glass jewelry collection in the very near future!

Craft Shows for July

July 11th- OM Baby, Pt. Pleasant, NJ 12pm-6pm 20+ EtsyNJ members will pack the front, inside and the back of the studio for the Summer OM Baby show!!
July 18th- The Handmade Faire, Summer of Love. Freedom Park, Medford, NJ over 100 crafters offering a wide array of handmade creations... it's THE show in NJ!!
August 1st- Lacey CrabFest and Craft Show, Lacey Rd, Forked River, NJ. Yea, it's a weird little combo, but it works! The show is in it's 9th year and the CrabFest in it's 13th. Come check out the handmade creations while sampling some great summer-time eats.

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  1. Beautiful may get your love affair...wonderful work.