Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sea Glassing After A Full Moon

For those that follow this blog, you already know that this is a key week for sea glass hunting. The sun and moon are at their closest points to our planets and with this month's new moon, the tides were much more severe than usual.

In New Jersey, we had a very strong wind from the east on Tuesday. The high tide was extremely high and the area was under flood alerts. Wednesday, saw the winds calm down a little bit and I gambled that low tide would pull out just a bit farther than usual. This year, I made the correct choice, but when I arrived, I thought I missed my chance at some nice pieces.

As I stepped on the beach, it was clear that the public work dept in LBI had been out early repairing the beach after a couple of days of rough high tides. The beach had been torn up, turned over and all of the high tide sea glass buried until the next severe Nor'easter.

But the they could do anything to prevent the moon from pulling the sea out a few extra yards and exposing some of the shell beds that normally sit in a foot or two of salt water. So there they sat, exposed shell beds and a bit farther out, another stretch of shell and rock beds that had the had the tiniest of waves gently washing over them... it was perfect for sea glassing!

We spent about an hour walking back and forth along the same stretch of beach and found more sea glass between tow jetties than we normally find all summer long! Most of the pieces were browns, but they appear to be very old browns because they are quite thick and well-frosted, along with the browns, we found a few amber, several greens & whites...which we expected.

What we didn't expect were the light "Coke bottle" blues, a couple of very pretty soft teals and since hubby drove to what he calls "Cobalt beach", I found 3 that is about 2" in length, over an 1" in width at it's widest point and quite thick. Hubby also found 2 cobalts, one was over an 1" in length and also fairly thick. That is far and away more cobalt sea glass than we've found in New Jersey in the last 2 years!

Most of the sea glass was not jewelry quality (tho we did find a couple that will be wrapped and made into necklaces...and maybe a couple smaller pieces will find their way onto a bracelet or used for earrings) but that is to be expected from Jersey sea glass.

In all, it was a fun trip...the weather wasn't awful, the sun was face feels a bit wind-burnt...but I'll be having fun washing my finds from this afternoon and hopefully have a few images to share later this week.

'til next time...


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