Monday, November 16, 2009

Clear Skies and Another Full Moon...

After the worst November nor'easter I can recall, the sun has come back out (well it appeared for a little while very late yesterday) and the temperature is supposed to be near 70 today.

Tonight will be another full moon, so I believe that calls for another trip to the beach tomorrow. I stayed away from the beaches since the storm. From what I have heard, the beach erosion was quite severe in many places on LBI and I could only imagine how much work the towns were doing on the dunes trying to keep homes from being destroyed.

There were several spots where the dunes were badly damaged and reports that the sea could come over the damaged dunes and out into the streets at high I was quite nervous about going to LBI on Friday and again yesterday. But I will venture out there tomorrow and see what I can see...hopefully a few more winter pieces of sea glass.

I'll bring my camera along... speaking of camera, the images above are from my trip to the beach two weeks ago : )

'til next time...


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