Monday, January 4, 2010

Sea Glassing After A Full Moon

On New Year's Eve, we had a Blue Moon which was accompanied by a brutal blast of cold air with vicious winds from Canada. The combo of western winds and a full moon led to something I don't recall ever seeing before... a low water level warning that was in effect for about 60 hours over the past weekend.

Now there was no way I was going out searching for sea glass, but Kevin doesn't have any problem roughing it (I guess all those years of playing hockey has made him a bit tolerant of the cold, but...)
And boy did he ever "rough it".

25 degree temps with 30 miles (wind chill temp was a brisk 9 degrees) per hour winds, gusting to least the water was a balmy 38 degrees. Worse yet, the low tide was in the late afternoon, so very little warming effect from the sun.

The first trip yielded about 75 or 80 pieces of sea glass including several blues (cornflower, cobalt) a bunch of greens (mostly kelly, but he did find a couple olives and a pretty lime green) and lots of browns and of which was already turning lavender in the setting sun.

One of my favorite finds of the that trip was a blue shard with printing on it. Kevin found it behind what was once a barrier placed in front of the dunes. The last time I was out on the beach, I went behind this barrier to search the shells that were left behind from the Nor'easter that wiped out the dunes. Kevin happened to be passing the barrier on the way back to the car (trying to get close to the dunes to cut the wind) when he noticed a huge pile of shells left behind from a recent high tide...and there is was, a huge shard- very light cornflower blue, and about 2.5" in length, by 2" wide. It is lightly frosted, but I'm not sure if the shard was buried in the sand and uncovered by the severe tides we've experienced this fall/winter, or if it washed up.
But trying to uncover the mystery of what this shard was in it's original life will be a fun winter project!

The 2nd trip for Kevin was a bit rougher... steady winds in the 30-40 mph range, an hour later in the day and it was pretty much not even the slightest bit of warming from the sun. And that isn't even the half of it....

When Kevin arrived, he was a bit disappointed that the ocean didn't appear to be as far back as he thought..but there was still opportunity for sea glassing. As he walked to his favorite stretch of beach, he noticed a blue piece of sea glass in the surf. He was timing the waves and made his move... as he was reaching for the piece (which he estimated at nearly an inch in length...and cornflower blue) he felt a rush of very cold water soaking his right foot. Distracted, he looked down to notice that the water was only about 3-4 inches up his the receding current took the shard back into deeper water. Walking back out of the water, he wiped the sand off the boot and noticed two gashes on his right boot, about an inch long...he must have had a shell or something slice into the boot on his last trip out : (

Despite the cold water soaking his foot, he stayed out on the beach, searching the shell beds and came home with nearly 50 more pieces of sea glass. But he was quite disappointed because he said there were at least that many more in 5 or 6 inches of water that he couldn't get to. The winds, dropping temps and a soaked foot made it tough for him to stay out much more than an hour (I would've been back in the car after 10 minutes) but he did bring home a couple more cobalts, and a 2" piece of very dark olive green. He still upset for not snagging the blue piece that got away, but the two day outing yielded over 120 pieces of sea glass, and a couple are jewelry quality pieces.

I guess I should grab him a new pair of boots... : )

Happy New Year everyone!

'til next time....



  1. Hi Robin,

    Tell Kevin that he is superman!
    This is so bad the blue moon wasn't in July though!!!

    Hope that you are well and had a nice holiday.


  2. I hope all the new pieces turn into lovely new creations for you! We enjoyed the Blue Moon here in the Pacific was mild and soggy as usual...but I did catch a peek of the lovely moon between the clouds ~ Cheers