Monday, December 28, 2009

The Last Full Moon of the 2009

New Years Eve will offer a third full moon for the month of December...and offer a prime opportunity to add to our sea glass collections on New Years Day.

I was able to get to the beach during November's full moon and the conditions were almost perfect for sea glassing...west wind, severe tides...if it weren't for the late afternoon low tide with the sun quickly sinking to the west, it would have been as close to perfect as possible (as close as temps in the mid-to high 30s will allow)
Illness and foul weather wiped out my chance to get to the beach early in December, so I'm really looking forward to hitting the beach and hunting for some ocean gems to start off 2010.

Here's hoping for a stiff western wind, 30 - 40 minutes of light during low tide and a severe low tide... Cobalt Beach is where I'll be heading and I'll be dreaming of finding that elusive orange, that would be a great way to begin 2010!

til next time...


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