Monday, May 10, 2010

Sea Glass Collectors- A different breed...

I've been making jewelry for several years, first starting off with commercial glass beads, before I transitioned into authentic sea glass jewelry. And I have to admit, sea glass jewelry makers (and sea glassers as a whole) are a different breed.

For the most part, I have yet to meet several of the collectors /jewelry makers that I've had business transactions with, as most of these transactions have been via the internet. The same goes with many of the collectors that I've chatted's almost always a internet relationship.

But in every single case, I have never come across the competitiveness that I found in several other crafting mediums. Instead, the sea glassing community seems to enjoy sharing info with fellow collectors...and a chance meeting with a fellow collector last weekend was no different.

I went to a craft fair, hoping to come across a husband and wife team of collectors. The wife, is a jewelry designer, specializing in sea glass. The husband is well known around the sea glass jewelry makers as "Bill the Drill" for his drill-press set-up, and how he has the drilling process down to a science.

I came across Bill the Drill and had my DH introduce himself and speak with Bill about his drill-press, while I spoke with his wife Virginia, about sea glass collecting, sharing secret locations, and talking about sterling silver suppliers (and of course we shared our favorite suppliers, looking to get the best price)

When I turned around to see how my DH was doing, I found Bill inviting him to sit down and drill a few holes into a piece of sea glass! How cool is that? Here's a gentleman that is sought out for his drilling expertise, allowing my hubby (who does all of my drilling for me) to try out his a show!

I don't know why I'm still surprised by these occurrences with sea glass collectors, but these friendly people continue to make me happy that my family and I share the love of the ocean, and more specifically, an affection for how the ocean takes a piece of discarded man-made trash and turns it into something beautiful.

Maybe sea glass does contain magical seems that everyone that shares the love of sea glass is, well, a different breed...a very special different breed!

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