Friday, December 26, 2008

Back to Work, New Sea Glass Creations & the Final Full Moon of the Year

And just like that, Christmas is gone... well, almost gone. The new toys are scattered around the Christmas tree, the fridge is packed with leftovers and I finally have all of the shredded wrapping paper out of the house (oh, yea- the closet is empty again).

I finished packing up the last of my pre-Christmas orders and sat down at my crafting table with the reality of an almost empty shop on Etsy. So back to work I went.

I listed a new pair of frosty white sea glass earrings, and I have the necklace pictured above ready to list on Etsy at some point tomorrow. This new necklace has a beautiful piece of sea glass that was so difficult to photograph. It almost seemed like the colors of the glass changed from a soft green to greenish-blue to an almost-aqua depending on the lighting and background. If I didn't have a similar necklace already, I would keep this one because of the gem's versatility. I think this necklace will go with quite a bit of my wardrobe and it will hopefully do the same for whomever decides to add it to their jewelry collection.

I also wire wrapped about a dozen pieces of sea glass that will eventually turn into necklaces and make their way into CreationsByRobin online shops. I'm really excited about some of the soon-to-be necklaces. They all have great personality for sea glass enthusiasts... from unique colors, like Citron, Soft Blue, Light Gray, a Deep Aqua or Turquoise and one of the prettiest Lavenders I have ever come across. These plus a few small soft greens, & frosty whites...all showing great weathering signs that indicate a great deal of time spent tumbling around in the surf. Beautifully smoothed, egg-shaped and showing bubbles and "C" markings... just a great collection of jewelry-quality sea glass.

And it will be jewelry quality pieces that my family will be out on the beach hunting for tomorrow and Sunday. Tomorrow night marks the last full moon of the year and perhaps the last chance of finding great pieces of sea glass for the winter (barring a nor'eastern).

With the sun about as close to the planet as it gets throughout the year and the moon still fairly close, the tides should offer some prime beachcombing opportunities this weekend. My hubby will certainly be heading off to his small patch he calls "Cobalt Beach". He almost always finds a piece or two of cobalt in this small little area. With the unseasonably warm weather this weekend on the Jersey shore, we'll probably head to a few new areas in hopes of plucking a few beauties out of the surf... maybe I'll finally find my elusive first piece of orange or yellow sea glass this weekend.

'til next time...


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