Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dark Aqua Sea Glass Necklace, New Listings, Etsy, 1000Markets

I was able to finish a few of my sea glass necklaces earlier today. The patterned Seafoam necklace, that I believe could have been from an antique glass art piece, went into my shop at 1000Markets.

The soft green and soft aqua pieces landed in my Etsy shop. The soft green really is a nice piece and I mentioned the versatility of the piece in yesterday's blog. The soft aqua is also a beauty and if photographed fairly well (considering the poor natural lighting I had to work with today) but I'll be looking to re-take images of the piece as soon as I have better light to work with.

The piece I'm very excited about is the dark aqua sea glass necklace (pictured above... not the best image, but shows a lot of detail). In more than 10 years of collecting sea glass, I've never seen a piece quite like any size! Dark Aqua should actually be considered an extremely rare piece of sea glass because it's estimated that this color is found 1 in every 1,000 pieces (and remember, I've never come across one quite like this...even at Sea Glass festivals) The shard measures approx. 1 1/4" in length and it has a starburst pattern (that can be seen slightly in the photos) which may have been caused by severe weather exposure or it may be a pattern from a decorative glass piece from many years ago.

As soon as I can get better images, I may send a couple of pictures to a few collecting friends in hopes of having a better understanding of where this beautiful piece may have originated.

Right now, the images I have are okay, and I'm probably going to add the piece to my Etsy shop because of the sea glass following I have at the site. I would keep it for myself, but I sort of have my eye on the lavender necklace I made... the ocean gem is the prettiest lavender I've come across...perfectly smooth and so wonderful in sunlight.

As soon as I can get some of the other creations into the sunlight for their close-ups, I'll share them with this blogs followers before they get into my shops. Along with the lavender, I also have a dark citron, and a light gray necklace and each one is just sooo pretty!

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  1. I think the picture turned out great. I know what you mean about the pictures, though--it has been raining off and on here for a couple weeks and picture opportunities have been scarce. I'm considering a lightbox a this point.

    The color in that necklace is something, though. Quite nice!

  2. That is a gorgeous piece! I'd love to find one like that - any bluish piece of sea glass would be a major find for me :)

  3. I love your work! Sea glass must be a treasure to work with.

  4. I saw your post in my thread in the etsy forum. I love your sea glass pendant. The picture is great - I wish I could photograph that well. I'm going to stop by your etsy shop right now.

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