Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Teal Sea Glass, Beachcombing for Sea Glass, New Listings

The next sea glass piece to go into one of my shops will be the one shown above. I'm not thrilled with the images I have because they do little to show off the fantastic colors of this gem. Since today is a sunny day, I'm going to try and capture a couple of better images. The teal is really beautiful in the sunlight and I want to figure out how to show these colors better (unfortunately it is extremely windy, so shooting outdoors is out of the question today) I'm not sure where this piece will be placed and I'm seriously considering this one to be my first listing at ArtFire.

The weekend beachcombing adventure didn't turn out like I had hoped. The temperature on Sunday was close to 70 degrees inland, but at the beach it was cold and windy. We went beachcombing at low tide, in hopes of being able to pluck some gems from the shell beds at the edge of the surf... but the shell beds weren't there!

We walked for several blocks and couldn't find anything in the surf at the tide line, so we resorted to walking back at the high tide line, where we did find several large groups of shells and found a couple decent finds.

Although we didn't locate anything that could be used for my jewelry creations, we did find a couple small handfuls of sea glass, several cool shells, a old bone- perhaps from a dolphin, some driftwood and a quarter (which was funny because a guy with a metal detector somehow missed it...lol)

Despite a disappointing low tide and the harsh weather conditions, it was fun to get out on the beach with my hubby and youngest son and walk for over an hour. I don't get out there much any more (hubby does all the beachcombing in the winter months) but it was relaxing to hear the waves lapping at the shore and be out in the fresh air.

Everyday is a good day at the beach, some are much better than others and while this was a good day, I'll be waiting for the much warmer weather before heading back : )

My next few listings of sea glass will primarily go into my Etsy shop, but I am ready to start up my ArtFire shop and at least one of my remaining necklaces will be my first listing there. My next featured sea glass piece will probably be the Citron necklace and I'll be working on the images today.

til next time...

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