Sunday, January 25, 2009

Handmade Sea Glass off my crafting table!!

Everything fell into place yesterday. My boys played quietly in their room, allowing me to spend 3 or 4 hours to create a few new items. Mother Nature played her part and allowed enough sun to come through the early morning clouds and I was able to take photos.

Already on Etsy is another honey-brown heart shaped necklace and a cobalt blue pair of earrings (2 pieces of cobalt blue & one frosty clear piece of sea glass on ea earring) Both of these pieces can be found in my etsy mini found in the right hand panel.

The other items I finished yesterday are a "Cornflower Frost Sea Glass Earring Stack", a "Cobalt Blue Sea Glass Bracelet" and two new sea glass necklaces... a "Soft Blue Mermaid's Tear Sea Glass Necklace" & a "Soft Seafoam Green Sea Glass Necklace"

One of the necklaces will go into my ArtFire shop, the remaining three pieces will probably all go into my Etsy shop.

Another no-go as far as beachcombing goes today... it's much colder than yesterday, but not nearly as windy (it's always something that keeps me off the beach), but I think hubby is itching to get out there, even if only to walk a few blocks... I'll sit with a cup of tea and dream of finding beautiful ocean gems in the

'til next time...


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