Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Handmade Sea Glass Jewelry, Snow, followed by a downpour means no beachcombing again today...

Since my last blog update, I found the time to make a few another bracelet and a few more necklaces. I also had the time (and enough brightness) to take photos and go through another jar of sea glass, where I found another green heart-shaped piece of sea glass.

The heart-shaped green piece has already been added to my Etsy shop and I'll probably add either the cornflower bracelet or one of the necklaces to my Etsy shop. I would also like to add another sea glass piece to my ArtFire shop, but the views have been so sporadic there (and on 1000Markets) and I'm wondering if having a 2nd shop is even worth the effort. The last piece I added to ArtFire picked up 2 immediate views while it was sitting on the front page, when I promoted via Twitter, it was viewed another 5 times and then picked up 2 more when I did a little more promoting on a couple of social networking sites...for a total of 9 views...and that's where the view count sits 3 days later.

My son's are wakening up to a disappointing sight this morning... the 3-ish inches of snow that fell overnight is quickly being washed away by the heavy rains that are currently coming down. The mess on the roads has given them a delayed opening of 2 hours, but once again, living so close to the ocean continues to keep any kind of snow accumulation away. So far this winter they've been limited to a small snowball fight with a brief 1/2" of snow early last week... oh well, maybe February will provide them with a at least one decent snowfall that may stick around for 24 hours?

Despite a new moon on Monday evening, the driving rain will keep me indoors today, so another lost opportunity for new sea glass : (

Maybe it'll give me the chance to run out to the store and grab some supplies I need to build a light-box for my jewelry picture taking.

The images above are the cornflower bracelet and I'll be adding a couple images of the new necklaces as soon as I finish cropping the photos...

til next time...


  1. I love the "earthiness" of it!

  2. I love sea glass jewelry - glad to have stumbled onto your blog :] It's quite beautiful. I already like your photos - a lightbox will also enhance what's there!