Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Sea Glass Creations for Valentine's, Sea Glass Works in Progress

Okay, just when I thought I was done with making Valentine's Day items, I've gone ahead and made a few more...

With the extremely cold weather keeping us indoors (and very little snow to give us incentive to get outside) I decided to spread me sea glass out over my crafting table last weekend. The game plan was to organize the pieces that I plan on using in my crafts (and for myself) to see what I had and what I wanted to look for...either in my collection (yes, my collection is separate from my crafting) or from some of the reputable sea glass lovers/collectors that I've been fortunate to meet on the internet or at the Sea Glass Festival.

Upon spreading out my gems, I found a few "heart-shaped" pieces in various colors and thought they would make cute little charms. I wire wrapped a few and put them on a sterling silver chain and I'll add them to my Etsy shop (and maybe one to my ArtFire shop) as soon as I get photos... and the sun has decided to come out today, so hopefully I'll have some really good light this afternoon to grab some images.

Later this weekend, I'll be wrapping a couple of white/clear pieces of sea glass and they'll be used as the pendant on necklaces and I'll also be adding a couple of cornflower blue and cobalt blue bracelets to my shops... perhaps a matching set of earrings also.

With no football on this weekend...finally... I should be able to get my hubby to drill a few of my remaining aquas and turquoise pieces and hope I can put together 2 bracelets of the 4 main blue colors of sea glass... I say hopefully, because I really want to treat myself to one of the bracelets and may keep it all to myself if I only have enough pieces for one.

No new images to share right now...hopefully later today... so I'll share an oldie, but goodie that really helped me get started selling sea glass online...

'til next time...


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