Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Sea Glass Necklaces... Cobalt Bracelets, Cornflower Blue Earrings...

The weather was cooperating yesterday and I was able to finally take photos in natural light.

I'm still transferring some of the images to my computer, but I did get two pieces cropped and into my computer for loading.

The necklaces are made with pieces of sea glass that are in the 1/2" in length range. Some are a bit more some are slightly less. The cobalt piece was listed last night and sold earlier this morning. The green piece has yet to be listed and it will go into my Etsy shop later today.

I also have a clear/frosty heart shaped piece and a light brown heart shaped piece that will be listed either this evening or tomorrow. one of the pieces will go into my ArtFire shop, probably the frosty clear/white necklace.

I've already begun working on a cobalt blue bracelet and have been contacted about cornflower blue earrings... I'll post images of everything as each project is completed (hopefully Mother Nature will give me a bit more sun in the afternoon over the next few days)

'til next time...


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