Saturday, September 27, 2014

2014 Sea Glass Festival - Cape May, NJ

I haven't had much to blog about recently. My work schedule and the weather have not cooperated much. And moving into a bigger place, has taken up much of my free time... tho I did find a couple pieces of sea glass that had been tucked away (aka- forgotten about)

My bro-in-law reminded me on Facebook about the NASGA annual Sea Glass Festival because it is "down the road" in Cape May, NJ this weekend! I would have totally thanks Tom!

The festival is held this time every year and they are back in NJ in 2014. The Cape May Convention Ctr, is hosting this year's event and the doors open at 10am until 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. The festival is opened to the public and there is a $5 admission.

If you are into sea glass, the incredible ocean treasures that are on display will just blow you away. There is a shard of the year contest, where collectors put up their best finds and the winner collects (I think) $1000! In the past they had guest speakers discussing everything from the history of pieces of glass, to their personal preferences and conditions for finding sea glass.

There displays where sea glass can be looked at and an area where vendors may have sea glass and sea glass creations for sale... some of the items displayed are truly amazing!

My hubby and I will be there tomorrow, strolling among the crowds (last couple times I went, the people were 4 and 5 deep at the tables) and hopefully getting a chance to talk with a few sea glassing friends from the groups and forums to which we belong. If you happen to see us, come up and say Hi!

'til next time...

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